Sunday, April 1, 2007

Fredericksburg, VA

It would have made sense to drive further than this, but when has my family used sense where good old-fashioned nonsense will do? Rather than explore the area, since we got here at 2:30, my grandparents have decided to sit on their bed, argue about how long our trip to CT will be, and watch TV (including the 7,000th repeat of Miss Congenality). I worked out at the closet they call a gym at this lovely Fairfield Inn, but that only took me til 4:00. So the rest of the night looks bleak. In the mean time...

Look who's back! JOHN CUSACK. With Grace is Gone, Martian Child, and 1408, it looks like everyone's favorite stereo-lifter is back in the saddle, assuming the saddle is "lead role in a film that may not actually suck." Check out the trailers at the usual sites. If you don't know where to look, we're probably not friends anyway, so what do I care?

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