Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ben Lee

I'd just like to say thanks to the fine people at Metromix, who deemed my email ravings about how I never get to go out (screenings don't count) and love "Cigarettes Will Kill You" worthy of two free tickets to last night's show at the El Rey and a copy of his new CD.

I like the El Rey. It's small, but not The Bitter End small. Cary Brothers and some girl from One Tree Hill, who was trying way too hard, opened the show. I like Cary, though...

Ben Lee was brilliant. Great showman, practically bleeding funny, self-deprecating, elfin charm. I felt not a bit self-conscious about my hair. He didn't sing the song I love, but he did "Gamble Everything for Love," "Catch My Disease," "We're All in This Together," "Float On," a funny song from his new album called "What Would Jay-Z Do," "Sex Without Love," and "American Television," which he dedicated, quite rightly, to Alan Thicke. He also did this hilarious riff on Snakes on a Plane and happened to mention How I Met Your Mother, one of the DVDs on his bus that he had watched (they finished all the DVDs and had no choice but to watch the Sam Jackson madness), which was funny because Josh Radnor was in the crowd - second time I've seen him since moving to LA. Man has over-sized features perfect for actors. Cute but a little... doll-like? It's weird.

Anyhow, I'm going to stop mentioning celeb sightings soon. Real soon. What was weird, though, was this 6 degrees of separation thing going on. Ben mentioned Josh's show. Did he know he was there? Maybe they know each other through Mandy Moore, who duets on one of Ben's songs on "Ripe" and guested on HIMYM. Also, hanging out with Josh - Busy Phillips, who was on Freaks & Geeks with Jason Segel from HIMYM. Jason wasn't there (I don't think), but I couldn't help but think about the connections.

And that's it. Unless I hook up with *y** ****ing or get a job in the biz, I'm not going to bore you with anymore celeb crap.

From now on it's just books, travel, writing thoughts, reviews, and self-therapy. Ain't you lucky?

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