Tuesday, December 4, 2007

strange things happening

I had a vicious migraine yesterday, so much so that when I tried to eat food, my skull felt like it was actually constricting and I had to stop.

It might come back. I think I'm spending too much time on this here computer thingy.

Strangeness: I have yet to meet a real live person who loved No Country for Old Men as much as I do. Who loves it despite its obvious flaws. And Tommy Lee Jones being the same guy he always is.
I don't really understand this.
And I have a horrid feeling that these same people are going to love Juno.
Maybe it's a matter of tone - what rings false to some rings true to others. I don't know.

I am pleased to hear Katie Heigl doesn't love Knocked Up. Because as great as Judd Apatow is, he doesn't do much for women in comedy. Leslie Mann's excellent in that movie, but even her best scene isn't about her, it's about the doorman. In his movies, we're the "straight men" or the shrews. We don't get to be funny. Or very interesting for that matter. It's ok, though. If Shakespeare was allowed to create less than awesome female characters, I guess Judd can too.
I say this, of course, having just dissed Juno. But I'm not being hypocritical. I'm almost certain!

Great joke I came up with this morning, but I don't have a story to put it in, so I'm throwing it into the Intervoid.

Guy: "Do I look like someone who prejudges a person based on appearances?"

It might take a minute to get. Which is why I'm not sure it can ever be used in TV - or anywhere. But it's smart... ish.

I had another joke, but I'm having trouble wording it. It goes (kinda) like this:

Little girl: What's a Thunderbird?
Twenty-somthing hipster boy: Something a Thundercat eats for breakfast.

That's gotta been done, right? No?

I'm lonely. Gonna go read garbage Irish chick lit (and then, when that's done, Proust).

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