Friday, December 14, 2007

in which we make space travel look even more foreboding than usual

Traffic tonight was other-worldly.

If, of course, on another world, December 14th was a holiday on which cars congregated en masse on every possible inch of LA roadway to indulge in a trunk-fucking orgy the likes of which would even frighten Bacchus.


Little Miss Nomad said...
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The Hotel Swank said...

A TRUCK FUCKING ORGY! holy shit i would have had nervous breakdown...i love you and i miss u terribly but im almost positive that i will never be able to drive in any place that has traffic characterized as a truck-fucking orgy. Neways i find out about CalArts by Mars ou Avril so if i get in, which i confidentally doubt, i'll give it a fair weight when chosing schools. I can't wait for xmas...mainly cuz ur coming home ps...ya know how u aldo and i do gifts xmas eve well ur opening mine because it is superior to all other possible gifts...ehehehe...pps i by accident was still logged into ur email reading a blog and sort of commented u thru u so i copied the comment then deleted the post then signed out of u and into me and reposted...i know u miss me...xoxo

Little Miss Nomad said...

trunk. trunk-fucking orgy. sheesh

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-- Woody Allen