Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve in LA; Christmas here

I tried to write a post from the airport the other night, but I got logged off the Internet (stupid T-Mobile). Long, long travel experience, and an even longer, sleepier Christmas Eve. And while it's two minutes from Christmas here in the winter wonderland that is southern Connecticut, it's still Christmas Eve in LA.

I'm guessing no miracles will happen to me in the next three hours, though.

I did finish Anansi Boys, rec'd to me by an ex-student. And a fine rec it was too. If you like books, read it. If you like spiders, or boys, or African legends, read it. If you like London or karaoke, read it. If you dislike violet, read it. Basically, you should just read it.

Watched No Reservations on the airplane. Ho hum. Though I didn't like Mostly Martha much either, and the people who loved MM hated No Reservations, so all I have to say is, Catherine Zeta-Jones is very pretty, and Abigail Breslin is probably going to be an odd-looking adult.

Have a merry Christmas.

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