Tuesday, December 11, 2007

very happening day

An eventful few hours after weeks of eventlessness.

Went to Palisades early b/c I was supposed to do some Current work in Venice in the afternoon. Boss decided to go on CNN instead. So I decided to do some Christmas shopping to kill time before my date. Bought gifts for my stepdad and sister and some cupcakes at Sprinkles.
Then I went to Little Ethiopia and sat outside a Starbucks on Olympia and Fairfax to do some outlining for a project I'm doing, and just as I finish writing this accident scene, a cop car comes wailing down Fairfax and someone speeding down Olympia, and I could see the accident before it even happened. They slammed into each other and the cop car was going so fast, it hit another two cars in oncoming traffic that had stopped. All about 20 feet from where I was. The cop and the latter two cars' drivers seemed not too badly hurt, and I didn't realize the guy in the first car was still in there until the paramedics came, and I remembered I have First Aid training and should have offered my services. Luckily, the ambulance came pretty damn quickly.
Then my friend finally came and we went to a restaurant where I saw an old editor of mine from Yale, who I only just realized lives in LA like two days ago.
Then went to the Grove in hopes of seeing some fake snow. Just saw Katie Holmes and Suri instead.

Also, have new job prospects.

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