Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Best thing I did today

I was a busy bee today. Actually, I was a busy human being today. No bee could have survived the kind of day I had.

But the best part of my day. I bought cranberry juice.

I am addicted to cranberry juice, and when I went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's this blessed evening, I didn't buy any because I'm not a TJ Cra-J kinda gal. My numero uno is Nantucket Nectars, and, foregoing that, Ocean Spray Cranberry-Raspberry. The latter of which I just bought at Ralph's on the way home from a job interview.

I haven't had any to drink, but I am content knowing it's there, chilling in the frigidaire.

I blame my Cra-J addiction on Yale. As a Master's Aide, I often brought bottles of the cheap storebrand Cra-J from the back room of the master's house. The place was practically swimming in the stuff, and it was cheap, sweet, and yummy. Also, the dining halls always had Ocean spray Cra-J, which I often diluted with the Minute Maid (?) pink lemonade or some other red juice I can't remember. Delicious combination. Sometimes I added ginger ale of Sprite for good measure.
I miss Yale dining. The make-your-own waffles, the occasional chocolate chip scones (you had to hunt those mo-fos down), the Oreo dessert bars (truly horrid but an addiction), the grass-fed burgers, the decidedly not grass-fed chicken patties, the tri-color tortellini (always half-frozen, half scalding), and the ever-faithful salad bar.
I also miss Durfee's, which, when I was craving juice and couldn't break into the dining hall for the night (Master's Aides could thanks to key privileges), I would grab a raspberry lemonade from the Durf. I can never find that raspberry lemonade anymore (it was some kind of brandname "Twister" -- where have you gone, dream drink??!!) but I often think of it. If Durfee was closed, we went to Gourmet Heaven, which wasn't really heaven or gourmet, but I believe still has Joseph's delicious flax pitas, introduced me to Lorina sparkling lemonade (mmm) and is open at inhuman hours.

Yaaaaaaaale!!!!! I'm coming back to the Have soon, baby.

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