Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I get alot of pudding

Don't worry. Not blogging isn't a sign that anything bad's happened, just that I had a friend come over and, hence, social life.

Sunday went to Pasadena/San Marino and the Huntington Gardens, which are really lovely. Saw my second lizard. I personally prefer the new Japanese and Chinese Gardens (complete with taihu!) and the desert gardens. Great Sunday afternoon.

Then we saw There Will Be Blood, which, thank God for David Spade, I found funny rather than disturbing. I know Daniel Day-Lewis's performance was a tour-de-force, but much like Leo's performance in The Departed, it was a little over-the-top. You wanted to shout, "Yo, dude, it's just a movie. Chill." Also, Eli Sunday doesn't age in this entire time period? Granted, you don't want aging makeup that's as crap as the Brokeback Mountain cosmetic creations, but still, Paul Dano doesn't change AT ALL. Overall, I thought it was an excellent movie, not at all what I expected, but the ending was quite rushed. So, I stand behind my love of No Country.

Monday had brunch at Paty's in Toluca Lake. Yummy and homey. Will go again.
Then planned on doing some cool stuff that night, got tickets and everything, but the event, turns out, was TONIGHT. So, instead, we had Indian at Clay Oven. Totally delicious, if a bit pricey.

Then we walked around and played Blokus, which I rule at, despite being mathematically-challenged. To be fair, my opponent never played before. But also to be fair, she's a PhD student in Sociology at Columbia. You decide who should have won.

And now I'm exhausted, still have a busy week ahead. But thus far, it's been, in a word, awesome.

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