Saturday, March 15, 2008

talk like an encryption

Stranger hath done been read, muchachos, and now I've borrowed some Rulfo from the library.

I'm supposed to be reading some Amis for book club, but it's like steeling oneself for oral surgery. Am doing other things instead.

I have decided if, by the fall of 2009, my lit life in LA appears to be going nowhere, I will move to Buenos Aires and write there. I have wanted to go to Buenos Aires for some time and recently the stars have been aligning in the sky like magic alphabet soup to say, Yo, kiddo, don't get too thick with this place, this time, this dream. The earth moves, so must you.

Yeah, them stars are poetic-like.

Changed a character's name in my novel. His original name was too white. Pasty. Bland. Like chalk.

Now it's a cooler, stickier name. A name of a person you might meet on the street and remember days later as you're window-shopping for vinyl. I'll even tell you the cool, new name (but not the old pasty name, in case it's yours).


You're welcome.

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-- Woody Allen