Thursday, March 13, 2008

I wish you had better punctuation, Sarah Marshall.

So there's this billboard up on my way home from work for the new Jason Segel movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I can't tell you how happy I am that I can say the phrase "Jason Segel movie," but I can tell you how unhappy I am that the sign reads as follows:


Comma, man. Commmmmmma!

But if you can forgive that, roll on over to The punctuation continues to be human and, thus, egregious (I am not claiming my punctuation or spelling is perfect by the way... I'm just saying people should get proofers for their billboard ads).

Also, while I love Jason and his work and will definitely see the movie, isn't this the third time he's played a guy who can't get over his girlfriend? Freaks, Undeclared, and now this, he plays a guy who loves hard and then is dumped and can't deal. Kinda happened briefly in HIMYM too when his fiancee split.

But if Matthew McConaughey (I'm not gonna bother spell-checking his name) can make a career out of shirtless Southern charm, I guess JS should embrace the good fortune of being typecast.

I guess.

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