Saturday, March 8, 2008


So I was going to go to the UCLA Arts Day today, but instead I slept and then went hiking at Bronson Canyon, which I can't recommend highly enough as an alternative to crowded, intimidating Runyon. First, you have the child-friendly short trail to the caves (where, apparently, the old Batman series used to be shot) and then the longer, steeper, adult trail. But there's a good view of the Hollywood sign, it's in the nice part of Hollywood, Franklin Village, right down the street behind the UCB and Mayfair Market. My lungs are still at less than 100% from this bronchial infection, so I wasn't able to complete both trails, but I definitely plan on it.

Also I saw a lizard.

Wore ankle socks with my sneakers, which have broken heels, and cut up my own heels pretty badly and had to take the socks off. Lost one of my bloody socks somewhere on the trail, which is funny, considering yesterday's post.

Now going to sleep some more.

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