Friday, March 7, 2008

why the world (and sometimes its web) rules, man

so many surprises.

so i just shot on over to The Hollywood Reporter, see what's goin' down on the other side of the Hill, and I came across some stuff about pilots and casting.

so i googled one of the guys who was cast on The Worst Week, and it's this cool Canuck comedian, Jay Malone.

so check out his clips on Youtube. personally, i think if his sitcom is well-written, boy's gonna blow up. seriously. and when he does, i'm going to send this blog around to all the entertainment magazines and say, yo, look at me. i'm a smartypants.

and then they're gonna note that i wrote this blog without caps on "i" or at the beginning of sentences. i don't know why i decided to write this particular post that way. maybe i just like to shake things up. keep you on your toes like a ballet dancer learning en pointe. you're gonna need new socks what with all the blood.

if i weren't poor, i would do the following, in order:

1) sign up for a class at UCB
2) buy a Prius
3) go to a hockey game
4) take a trip to Hawaii
5) get a gym membership (i miss the elliptical machine. i miss the other machines, too, but elliptical, you were by far the dearest to my heart)

oh, and pay off my student loans. but, obviously.

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