Sunday, June 1, 2008

chocolate rehashed

And, after typing that title, now I am thinking of chocolat au gratin.
I finished that chocolate tiramisu today, and by finished, I mean, scraped off the entire top layer of whipped cream and ate the remaining cake and cream layers. I am not a great fan of whipped cream (or most frosting for that matter), and so it was far too much for me, but it's probably the best tiramisu experience I've had.

Generally, any hint of coffee is a bad thing, so my tiramisu experiences will never be great.

The Porcelana is going to be baking chocolate I've decided.

I love the idea of desserts more than most desserts. Mostly, when it comes to chocolate/sweets, the things I truly love are ice cream, cookies, and profiteroles (which I suppose could go under ice cream). Everything else is nice, but not essential. Even ice cream I could live without. The chocolate-chip cookie, I know, is a trial to live without. In England I never bought ice cream or chocolate-chip cookies because there wasn't really a lot of safe-looking ice cream, and there were almost no chocolate-chip cookies, certainly no decent ones. One had to survive on digestives (which I have nothing against). I missed the chocolate-chip cookie far more than ice cream.

Cookie recs:
Trader Joe's has bakery cookies with three different kinds of chocolate chunks. Mmm.
Kashi's Dark Chocolate Oatmeal cookies. My grandmother hates them. I think they're lovely.
Rainbow Cafe in New Haven, which is now defunct, used to have MASSIVE cookies along with their signature cakes. My roommate loved the cake. I was down for the $2 greasy giant cookies. Yes, the edges were crunchy, but the centers were always divinely mushy. For my 20th birthday, my roommates bought me, I think, 20 cookies. Of course, this was a mistake because they went stale at the drop of a bucket, but it was so nice. If you're in New Haven now and looking for a chocolate-chip fix, may I suggest Claire's Corner Copia. I don't even know if they have cookies but their chocolate-chip ricotta muffins are the pinnacle of American baking. If they don't have them (they often don't, sadly), their cakes are my kind of cake. Not too rich, almost bready, completely delicious. Anything with chocolate's golden. If they have something with chocolate and vanilla, do that. Also, they have fantastic rolls.
I think those are my three favorite versions of the chocolate-chip cookie. That and my mother's oatmeal chocolate-chip.
So far I have not found a good LA cookie, but I haven't been frequenting that many bakeries that sell cookies (this whole cupcake madness), and I never found one in NYC that bowled me over. I just bowed at the altar of Whole Foods' chocolate chip scones (which LA Whole Foods lacks, along with a lot of other things).
I'm chocolated out now.

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