Sunday, March 25, 2007

all is forgiven

As a wee lass of only 13, I had the misfortune of taking a film class at a camp that thought it proper to show me Tarantino's From Dusk til Dawn. I was utterly scarred, and I have never quite gotten over it, despite my great love of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. But now all is forgiven, what with this delicious quote from EW's feature of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's favorite movie posters (the bold is mine).

Tarantino picks: Thriller (a.k.a. They Call Her One Eye) 1974)
In 2003, Tarantino told EW this Swedish revenge flick provided the primary inspiration for his Kill Bill, and was directly referenced in Daryl Hannah's one-eyed assassin. ''They actually have XXX scenes in the movie,'' said the director, who gave it to Hannah to watch. ''And Daryl said, 'Quentin! You gave me porno to watch as homework!' I was like, 'They're only certain scenes. And they weren't sex scenes. They were just degrading.'''

You can check out the poster here.,,20015648_6,00.html

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