Monday, March 12, 2007

Partial Recall

Oh, now I remember. My aunt or my uncle or my grandparents or someone INSANE bought Williams-Sonoma Winter Forest hand soap, so now everytime I want to wash my hands I have to prepare myself for the fact that my hands will now smell like I've just cut down a Christmas tree. Now people scrub for an hour to get the tacky pine sap off them after cutting down a tree and hauling it home, and even if they manage to remove the stubborn adhesive, the smell lingers. It's okay in the living room where it belongs, but on your hands? No one enjoys that. NO ONE. Stupid hand soap.

Also, I forgot to add Love in the Time of Cholera to my list (it was hiding in my computer bag, so I forgot about it).

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CaraMia said...

Love in the time of cholera is AMAZING! I think it's my favorite Garcia-Marquez book. Although, it is a bit creepy. And the main character is a bit of a man-slut who you're supposed to see as incredibly romantic. Which is weird. And there's a lot of old-people sex, not to mention old-man, little girl sex. Also, more than a bit weird. But, you have to give a book credit that can overcome all that weirdness and still really good!

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