Saturday, April 19, 2008

birds-of-paradise are ugly

Don't you think? Most in LA look like they're carrying avian flu, they're so scraggly and pointy. I think, if you're gonna call a flower an "x of paradise," it should be the most damn beautiful thing you ever did see.

I prefer a yellow rose.

Watched the Tom Lenk "Diablo Cody" video on YouTube. Me gusta. Go hunt it down. I'm not just gonna give you everything.

Might go to a party in Echo Park and meet new people. Am terrified out of my too-big-for-hats skull.

Bought Brick Lane, The Inheritance of Loss, No Country for Old Men, Augie March, a medical dictionary, and the New York Times' Essential Guide to Knowledge at a local bookshop that's going out of business--all of these books for 40% off. Went to the Commerce outlets as well and bought a shirt and pair of capris. All in all, spent about $100 I don't have. This would be a good time to snap your fingers, a la bohemian audience at a poetry reading. Just put your espresso down first.


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