Tuesday, April 22, 2008


OK, so I've been assuming for awhile now that my support for Hillary was kind of like my support for Ben and Jerry's In a Crunch. Just because I liked it didn't mean it was gonna stick around. But while some condemn Hillary for sticking with it in this race and dividing the party, there is, of course, another way to look at it. A lot of people don't want a woman in the White House because people still have ideas that women are weak. But here's a woman who will not be bullied. That's a good thing in a leader.

On the other hand, I still think Obama's the clear front-runner despite efforts to discredit him as an elitist because of a warped soundbyte. If they really wanted to unite the country (as they say), they'd run on a single ticket, and Hillary would accept the VP, AND EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY BECAUSE THEY WOULD DEFINITELY WIN. But, no matter how much you love either candidate, you have to recognize that neither is that selfless. Neither is a saint. Both are power-hungry, as they have to be to run. In any event, I will vote Democrat period.

I'm not crazy though. Neither may be able to fix the crazy mess we're in. And while I'm glad two candidates who are not only incredibly worthy, but a woman and an African-American, I think I, like many Americans, realize Gore, despite his white manness, would have been a better president than either.

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