Sunday, April 20, 2008

b.s. adjective of the day...

is "adjacent."

Dude, if something is "Beverly Hills-adjacent," it's not in Beverly Hills. Just say where it is. Does anyone really care what part of LA it's NEXT TO? Crikey. It's not like we're geographically impaired. This isn't the apocalypse. We're not trying to map our location by the stars or some sort of sextant. There are signs frikkin everywhere saying where you are. If you don't know, you have neighbors who will tell you. Seriously. Ask them. I guarantee if you're living in North Hollywood, they're not going to tell you "Hmm, well, we're living in Studio City-adjacent."

Why do I feel like I've ranted about this before? Hmm.

Went to Sherman Oaks Spring Festival. Rocking a cherry red V-neck tan some people might call a sunburn. I prefer to call it my triangle of passion...

Wow, that grossed even me out.

Watched some vintage West Wing with my greenhorn roommate. Felt like a bit of a guru.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall
... ooh, man, I guess that over-the-top marketing ploy didn't pan out so well. Here's an idea: scale. For Pete's sake.
Still, let's keep giving Jason Segel and Bill Hader work. Eventually, we'll reach a day where news outlets will spell their last names correctly, or at least consistently within a single article.

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