Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ghost Town

Saw an early screening of this Ricky Gervais flim last minute the other night. Enjoyed it quite a lot. Definitely goes beyond its "what if The Sixth Sense were a comedy" presmise. Probably not something I'd be interested in repeat-viewing, but overall, a mighty fine comedy in a time of mighty blech comedies, despite crap title.

Keep staring at the bookshelf I have of books I've bought over the years and haven't read and wondering why I keep borrowing books from the library (case in point, I have to deal with Godwin's When A Crocodile Eats the Sun and Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio before I get on to the math theory book I have on reserve and then all the things I have on my bookshelf--ex: Proust, Dickens' Bleak House, Tristram Shandy, Roots, Under the Volcano, Suite Francaise, The Human Stain, etc., etc. Also, I should be writing. Have to give this spec screenplay a good kick in the pants. Right now its belt is twisted, the pockets are turned inside-out, the knees are threadbare, and I'm fairly sure one leg's longer than the other. At this point, it really ought to be turned into a skirt. But pants it is, and I am committed to making it fit.

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