Sunday, April 20, 2008

can we get a little "what-what" for irony?

Went to Echo Park party last night. Saw someone I knew (kind of), which, considering how many people I know in this city, is a bloody shock. Weird, weird party. Lots of people older than myself, and just about everyone more successful (most of 'em were writers for a certain TV program and/or the sort of people who hang with writers for said TV program)... and still, it was essentially a Williamsburg kegger. I mentioned this to one person, who was wasted, and he totally agreed, so... draw your own conclusions. Nice friggin' house though.

Also, at party, was a certain 2008 Oscar winner (about whom I've spoken in this blog, cough, cough--though to be honest, it may just have been Mary Lynn Rajskub in a wig...) hanging out with a certain Greek star. Briefly. As well as a beloved, currently unemployed actor from Undeclared, who, like several other of the hipstery guests, danced very, very oddly (and looked way more than 2 years older than me). Like they were trying out for a Fatboy Slim video. Also, since a goodly number of the guests were Jewish, there were Passover snacks.

But I met some nice people. I was more social than is my wont. I said "wont" not once. All good things.

Echo Park is cool. I'm glad I don't live there. I still have some cooling up to do.

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