Sunday, April 13, 2008

swell Saturday

Had a lovely Saturday. Walked to Jinky's for brunch despite the heat, and had some yummy pancakes while surrounded by stars of the small-screen. The raspberry-lemonade freeze was worth the cost. Then we walked down Ventura for a bit.
In the early evening went to Pasadena for the other roommate's bf's jazz concert at Caltech. Ron Stout played some mean trumpet, really solid trombones, including the roommate's bf and Jeremy Levy, who is apparently a trombone superstar. Good bassists too. Enjoyed thoroughly.
Then we went to the infamous Pie N Burger, where I ate a burger, fries, and a shake and decided I would wretch if I ate pie on top of all that. So, next time. But let me tell you, what I did eat was darn-tootin' delish.
Watched some of Kubrick's Lolita last night. I like it much better this time around than the first time I saw it. It's still waaaaay too long. But this is Kubrick to the core, very adagio.
Now today I'm staying in and writing. Yeesh. Wish me luck.

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