Monday, April 7, 2008

Burger King botches billboard

Ugh, what's with advertisers?

Look, I'm not the grammar nazi I appear to be. I accept slang. Gotta, for instance, is a perfectly acceptable substitute in the lexicon for "got to" and "have to." I gotta go to the dentist, or I've gotta go to the dentist, either is fine with me. However, "gotta" is not a substitute or equivalent for "got a" or "have a" -- the slang simply isn't used to mean ownership; hence the two ts for the got and to. And yet, on Milbank, a huge billboard asks, "Gotta buck?" -- What the hell? Gotta isn't even shorter than "Got a." In terms of actual letters, "Got a" is actually shorter, and in terms of spaces, it's the same. So they're not saving any billboard space. Did they think it looked cooler? Or are the people in charge of creating these ads merely uneducated? I'm seriously annoyed by all of this.


trevor said...

i just ranted about this... and then googled to find you're the only other intelligent person annoyed as much as me to write about it. F BK!

Steve Johnson said...
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Steve Johnson said...

Haha just saw this today and searched to see if anyone else saw it. Oy haha. :)

Sareball said...

I have found my people...this billboard drove me up a wall and I Googled it to find a picture to share this debauchery with others. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

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