Saturday, April 26, 2008

my body's teriyaki

Went to the LA Times Festival of Books today at UCLA, which is such a pleasant campus. Took the trip as an excuse to eat at Apple Pan, which is supposed to have a superb burger. Definitely one of the better burgers in LA, but for $6 or $7? And no fries? You want a good burger, you have to go back to New Haven. Louis' beats 'em all, hands-down. Still, the Apple Pan was good, fries were yummy, service was fantastic (I left a big tip), and Peri Gilpin brought her fam in. Definitely worth it.

Then I put on some suntan lotion (not enough, go ROASTED) and walked around UCLA. Super-expensive cash parking wiped me out, so I had no money to buy anything, which was probably a good thing, because I would have totally bought a book at the McSweeney's tent, probably three at Vroman's, one or two at one of the travel shops, Marc Norman's book so he'd sign it, and probably one or two more. Instead, I got dehydrated, went to every single booth, passed the Ray Bradbury tent where a long line waited (I saw his poor venerable face--I hope he survived this infernal day), and dropped in on the Slipstream panel to see the awesome Kelly Link in action and cool off.

Unfortunately, the AC was not on and Kelly Link canceled at the last second. It was a good panel in any event.

I'd go back tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go say goodbye to Dutton's and, um, chill.

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