Tuesday, April 22, 2008

yo, yo, yo

Every time I hear Randy Jackson say "Yo, yo, yo," my brain goes "Yoho, yoho, a pirate's life for me, dawg."

David Cook or someone should do a rock and roll version of "Moon River."

Is it just me or does the Panic! at the Disco song "Nine in the Afternoon" and the Paramore "Crushcrushcrush" song sound, like, I don't know, the same. Maybe it's just a tempo sitch. Actually alot of songs lately sound all of apiece. Ech.

Um, I had something else to say about music, but I forgot.

I'm going to go back to reading about Zimbabwe wovits killing white farmers in the 21st century and feeling bad that I'm, um, kind of on the white guys' side (considering quite a few of the white guys offered to give their farms back, were told not to, were invaded by Mugabe's "war vets," had their farms torn apart, and, um, were shot in the face/back of the head). For some reason every time I read about conflict in modern Africa, I understand it less t han any other war in any other part of the planet, mostly because the violence seems to be there for its own sake, not as a tool or as a form of protest, but as an end in its own right.

People kill each other for all sorts of reasons, none of them good or right, but there's something particularly insidious when a single person is murdered by a hundred people, when a person who poses no present threat either as an individual or as a part of a group is slaughtered, and when that murder is the sort of Black Swan (as it was in Zimbabwe) that is widely copied and admired--and permitted by the government. I don't subscribe to the whole people paying for the sins of their fathers, especially if those sons tried to do the right thing and were rebuffed (many of the murdered farmers offered up their land as part of black resettlement and were told to keep their farms by the same government that now silently permits the wovits to kill any white farmer they choose). Just to be clear, I would find this horrendous no matter who was doing it to whom.
And to offend, I'm sure, a whole other group of people...

[the following is to be taken lightly, as I don't actually know what I'm talking about]
Oh, and I've been wondering lately, probably because today I captioned some Kabbalah video, why the Palestine/Israel conflict doesn't have a third contender. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong here, but there's a little religion called Christianity that also has roots in that part of the world, yet, not so much with the residential presence. Considering how super-Bible thumping the stretched-out elastic waistband and hemline of our nation is, I'm seriously surprised there hasn't been some kind of a movement to make that little conflict a "Three's Company" for the 21st century (I imagine Christians would be Jack, the Jews would be Janet, and the Muslims would be Chrissy, but that's open for discussion). I mean, is it because the Christian Right isn't as righteous as all that. They want to fight the enemy, but not actually celebrate their Lord's most favored gospel heroes in their original homeland? I'm not trying to incite anything, but I just wonder why. We know Christians, historically, like to colonialize, even super-hot places, we know Christians like to settle in said uncomfortable, disease-ridden and/or natural resource-low places despite the likelihood that they'll be slaughtered in mass for no other reason than they can--so really, what stopped 'em from telling the Jews and Muslims, whoa, whoa, whoa, we know how to settle this little conflict--both of y'all get out and we'll turn the place into the Disney Strip. I mean, I get that Israel was kind of non-Jews' chance to say, whoops, our bad for not stopping the Holocaust, why don't you have a safe place to chill in the desert where these other people are that kind of aren't important, and hey, look, it's Biblical! But that doesn't mean they haven't had the prescription on the God goggles or greed glasses updated in the years since. I mean, really, it's like the kid who has his mom bake cookies "for his class" and then kind of regrets it later because he wants all the cookies for himself. Everyone wants cookies!

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