Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anyone have 14 million dollars to spare?

J.M. Barrie's brilliant West London house is on the market.
I'm a big, though possibly misguided, believer in the ability of a place to make or break a person. And I would so very much like to be a better, if not happier, person than who I presently am.
Depending on... stuff... I may take in a Saturday double feature of 27 Dresses and Cloverfield. I feel like they were made-for-each-other.

Must, must, must people be cutesy and say, "Internets." Furrealz, yo, that's just super-duper annoying.

I had no idea that the genesis of the word "frak" was Battlestar Galactica.
Now I know.

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-- Woody Allen