Saturday, January 26, 2008

nomad goes to pershing

square, that is. thought i'd go check out the Los Angeles Public Library main branch, which is super cool. i didn't want to drive, so i parked my little Chevy at the North Hollywood subway stop and ventured underground.
that's right, i took the metro today. i didn't love it, but the subway stations are way nicer than most of the new york ones. the train itself smelled kinda gross, like metro north usually does, but it was a relief not to have to drive into downtown and deal with parking.
then i went to grand central market, and it's pretty sketchy around there, so i figured i'd come back before it rained. then i bought some cupcakes, which i didn't like much, but ate anyhow.
Leda's - no me gusta
Puddin Out Cupcakes - not really worth it
Sprinkles - delish (specifically the pumpkin and red velvet)
generally i'm not a big cupcake this person. just this weekend for some reason.
finished the first draft of my most recent spec pilot. hooray.

can't wait til the strike's over, but i'm happy all these interim deals are getting people back to work. a friend of mine gets to go back to her enviable writers' assistant job monday.
being jealous just wastes my energy.

lots of crazy rain this week. lots of craziness in general. it was a damnable week. glad it's ending.

i probably won't make a habit of taking the subway, unless i decide to go to long beach.

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