Monday, January 28, 2008

Bohr missed 'em

Saw snow on the San Gabriel Mountains (which I've been thinking were the San Bernardinos) this weekend. Didn't see much in that direction this morning.

Broke. Off. My. Backside.

But there's un poquito reason to hope. Very poquito. If I started amping up the joy-ons (they're little confetti guns in my mitochondria) without the proper nutrition to feed them, I'm liable to plummet later. So cautious I proceed.
Tell that to my REM.

Had the weirdest dreams last night. Luckily, though I remembered them this morning, I've forgotten now, so you're spared. That clinking you hear is the sound of readers the world (ha!) over tapping their glasses together to cheer their good fortune and my pitiful memory.

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-- Woody Allen