Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost posting

9:34pm -- too much fright; must eat; miss Ian Somerhalder; so purty.
9:36pm -- What's the deal with Hayden Christiansen? Why is he cool?
9:40pm -- He got Lost. Haha.
9:42pm -- Oh.
9:43pm -- Eskimo and igloo.
OH S&^T CHARLIE. No need to freak out, haha.
9:44pm -- Dead Charlie just slapped poor Hugo. Pooooor Hugo.
9:47pm -- I like Dead Charlie best of all.
9:51pm -- Are you insane? Hurt none of the people who he's talking to because the ones he did hurt are dead (yello, Boone).
9:53pm -- What Would Charlie Do?
9:54pm -- If Hurley joins Locke, then... explaineth the future clips.
9:55pm -- HAHA, BEN!
Sawyer's torn.
9:56pm -- But he goes with Hurley.
9:57pm -- Jack!
9:58pm -- News flash, you do look weird with a beard.
9:59pm -- What?! What?! What?!
10:00pm -- Never say never, Jack.

Do not trust the dude from the dude from Rescue Dawn.
Woo. That was wild.
And only 7 eps left. Damn you, AMPTP.

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