Sunday, January 27, 2008


Roommate from college is engaged. Expected and am happy for her.
But that makes it five people I know who are engaged.

I'm working six-day weeks. The upside is that I get to run into awesome, handsome directors in the Palisades and stare and be completely unable to say anything ("Loved both your TV series and your movies, sir. I'm a comedy writer, and I don't smoke copious amounts of pot, and yet, I'm quite a funny writer. While your daughter decides between the weird blue ice cream and the rainbow sherbet, I'll try to come up with a quip that will blow your mind. Yes, I'm wearing nylon sweatpants. What's your point?).

The rain is epic and weird.

Casa Sanchez makes the world's nummiest tortilla chips. After Casa, going back to Tostitos is just not right.

Been watching the first season of Fame. Boy was that a Debbie Allen vehicle of unapologetic proportions. My hair is so 80s. I would have been better off being a teen in the Bronx in '82 than a newborn in Boston in '83. Sigh me an East River. Lee Curreri, who sports a fro that would scare even my ungodly mane, lives in the area now. Married, apparently, but cute as a button. The man clearly is not afraid of being stalked as he gives out all his contact information. Lee, you're lucky I'm a relatively mentally healthy individual and that Marina del Rey is just too damn far from the Valley.

Ah, Djokovic (can I call you Novi?). Thank you for beating the stuffing out of Federer. Much obliged.

Read the original screenplay for Twister, the ur-disaster film. Most of the good stuff is there, but I gotta give props to the people who came in and tweaked it. Sometimes, little obvious things make all the difference. A lot of Jo's dialogue is toned down. And she's far less rough in the film. I also like that her family background is changed and the sequence with the cow was punched up. I also think the director did a great job. The film was perfectly cast and really well-executed. From the original script it could have easily gone either way.

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