Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hello, Hugo

9:25pm -- Um, Step Up was a phenomenon?
9:26pm -- David Duchovny's disembodied voice could be used as a more humane alternative method for putting animals to sleep. And me. Zzzz.
9:27pm -- Olive Garden's breadsticks are the stuff of legend. Legendary. Damn you, Neil Patrick Harris.
9:28pm -- The strike makes you realize which shows you actually really can't live without. Mine, apparently, includes HIMYM.
9:29PM -- Blood on a big leaf. Blood on a big leaf. Yikes!
9:30pm -- Kate's smart! Ben's Ben.
9:30pm -- Kate's a target.
9:31pm -- This is not going well.
9:32pm -- OK, now is she going to die???
9:33pm -- How did Naomi make it all that way -- and who's her sister?
Don't do it, Hurley. Don't go in. Aahh! OH S*&T!

oh my god oh my god oh my goddddddd

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-- Woody Allen