Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lost live bloggin (Pacific time)

9:04pm -- Hurley made it off the island. And he's one of the Oceanic Six. Six. Ah, loving it. Loving it!!!!!!!!!!!

9:05pm -- No interest in Eli Stone whatsoever. I think one of the cops in the teaser was Bruce Campbell.

9:06pm -- Wanna know a funny coincidence??????!!!!!!!

9:07pm -- Hurley lies about Ana Lucia. But, more strangely, he doesn't want a doughnut.

9:08pm -- Who'd he run from? Who'd he run from? Ben? Jacob (whoever Jacob is)?
Oh no, Hurley's lost his cotton-pickin' mind! I feel bad about the doughnut crack.

9:09pm -- Jack has become, how do you say, homicidal?

9:10pm -- There are many ways to be survivors... and, apparently, Rose is a bit slutty.

9:11pm -- Oh, Ben.

9:12pm -- Poor Hurley.

9:13pm -- Devastation. Is. Momentary.

9:14pm -- Where is she?! (I kinda knew she was getting up and going.)

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