Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I can be political too

Despite how pink this blog is (I really find it troubling but am too inept to fix it) and how much I complain and talk about the entertainment industry, I am a serious person. I've been researching gun control and had to study the candidates' voting records and platforms while doing so.

Kucinich, believe it or not, is the only Dem candidate who is aggressively pro- gun-control in every facet. Other Dem candidates either shy away from gun control (check out Hillary's Web site -- it's not mentioned at all) because they know it's a campaign-killer, or are anti-gun-control (or at least pretending to be). Bill Richardson actually holds a conceal-carry card and is a member of the NRA. Not shocking, but still. You should know.

If you were going to vote based purely on who is most likely to get guns off our streets, Kucinich is followed closely by Obama and Clinton, in that I suspect they'd be inclined to bring back the assault weapon ban, but not actually go all the way. We have a number of supporters of the right to bear arms in this country, and I think every last hick one of them should be sent to Iraq. They like guns so much, they should get their kicks out now.

I don't really blame Obama and Clinton for not making gun control a top priority: not only is it a campaign-killer, at this point, healthcare, the war, the environment, and Britney Spears are really the hot button issues. They have plenty on their plates without putting Charlton Heston on there, too.

Still, I'm sick of people talking about the Second Amendment like it's gospel. The Founding Fathers weren't all-knowing deities. And even if they were,
And for you hunters out there, and those of you who think you need a gun to protect yourselves from the imminent Mexican-Iraqi-North Korean invasion, why don't you just a) buy a bow and arrow like a REAL man, and b) if our country gets attacked, it's going to be with a bomb not guns, you idiot, so go trade in your rifle for some bomb-proof paint.

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