Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday night

So I didn't liveblog ABC's Wednesday night lineup half because my laptop's battery was dying and my laziness knows no bounds, half because, honestly, neither held my interest that much. Contrary to what many critics have led me to believe, Private Practice wasn't offensively bad. It was just not that interesting. The B and C-stories with the adultering corpse whose sperm both his wife and his mistress wanted went on too long and felt like an adulteration of a Grey's storyline, and the patient-counting-the-floor-tiles-b/c-her-son-died-of-brain-cancer storyline, while acted well (I do like Amy Brenneman and that guy who's not Tim Daly or Taye Diggs quite alot), was just protracted endlessly. You felt like the hour was being filled. And poor Merrin Dungey. I understand Audra Macdonald is worshipped by all, but considering the tone of the show, I don't think she makes a single positive difference.

On the other hand, Dirty Sexy Money -- kind of an absurd, silly pilot (who killed his father? please), but Peter Krause is working the primetime deal, and the cast, with a few exceptions, is pretty awesome. You couldn't for one minute believe Samaire Armstrong as a Paris Hilton-type (she was laying it on a bit thick and yet couldn't have been less convincing). I think Karen could have been cast better, or given more of a character than "in love with Nick (Peter Krause) because he's the only one who doesn't look at me and see money" but other than that, I'm willing to watch next week and see where this thing's gonna go. The parents and the brothers are all played well by their actors and have the potential to be interesting characters, especially the asshole priest brother who loathes Nick. Overall, my favorite hourlong pilot of the new fall season, though I do wish the cast weren't so appallingly white.

I won't be able to say a thing about tonight's lineup 'cause I'm going to see a preview of Lars and the Real Girl.

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