Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Music I Hate Right Now, Stephen Colbert

There's a really stellar full moon watching over the San Fernando Valley tonight (is that an oxymoron, since the moon is by nature technically NOT stellar?), set like The Birth of Venus in the cradle of loving smog clouds. Only in LA.

There are only two (or so it seems) decent non-Spanish radio stations in LA, and one of them plays Akon ninety percent of the time, which gets a bit old, so I'm primarily a 98.7 kind of girl. However, if an overplayed song like "Hey There, Delilah" (gag) by the Plain White Ts comes on for the mizzilionth time, I'll change it. Unfortunately, it inevitably leads to the other most annoying song on the air right now: I Nine's "Seven Days of Lonely," which sounds like an Avril LaVigne but with less talent song.

On the flipside, we have this fine little article about one of my fave people alive: Messr. Colbert. Here's a snippet, though I advise you to go and read it.

Last April, a Pew Center for the People and the Press report on news audiences found that Daily Show and Colbert Report viewers tied with regular readers of major newspaper Web sites as being the most knowledgeable about current events, scoring higher than daily-newspaper subscribers, evening-news viewers, and National Public Radio listeners. How's that for truthiness?

Who knew?!

May liveblog Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money later if I'm not busy translating some Russian poetry...


wcdixon said...

Colbert rules...

Little Miss Nomad said...

Will Dixon reads my blog, everybody! A-mazing!

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