Friday, June 27, 2008

auto world

It's okay. You can come out now. Wrathful god Kati is gone. Normal Kati is back.

I was driving through Brentwood today and saw two cool car-related things. First, on the back of one car was a Hillary for President sticker. Underneath it? "OK... Obama". Hilarious.
Then on the way back as I got on the 405 ramp, I saw a car with this license plate "DE LA FE". Take a minute.

Get it? Love it!

In other news, whilst the state of California was trying to mess with me, someone backed into my step-dad's car while he was at work and left the scene of the crime. This is about the fifth car in five years that's had something happen to it. The car gods do not look kindly on my step-dad.

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