Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Know You Wanted

If you've seen Night Watch, maybe you have an idea that director Timur Bekmambetov is to amazing action scenes what Dali is to surrealism. Dali may not have invented surrealism, but hell if he doesn't personify it. And really, the point of Wanted isn't the story or the morality of assassination or if Morgan Freeman can be as bad a motherf&^ker as Shaft (he can). It's about James McAvoy, guns, Angelina Jolie, and cars.
Oh, and trains. One train in particular, actually. Holy hell. It's like The Matrix, but where one tried to figure out what was going on in The Matrix, you feel no need to do so in Wanted. It's not that serious. Actually, it's funny as hell. Gory, funny (and not just because of McAvoy's American accent), and stunningly choreographed, the movie makes you feel cool simply by association. Who cares about story? Who cares about some dumbass Da Vinci Code-esque loom of fate? James McAvoy just shot someone through a sunroof by flipping his own car over it. What? Yes! Yes, he did! We all love James McAvoy.

Also, Konstantin Khabensky, who plays Anton, the central character of the first two Night Watch movies and is acquired taste-hot has a small role in the film. He's entirely a device, actually, but who cares? The movie makes little sense, but it's less confusing than the Russian movies. So.

Also, I'm 98% positive I saw Peter Berg coming out of the Sunset and Vine Borders tonight. Mm.

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