Saturday, June 28, 2008

maybe it was all a test

Well, what a waste of a weekend. I had plans Thursday night to go see Guillermo del Toro at the Crest. A potential interview and that damn arrest warrant put the skids on that dream. Yesterday, I worked and resolved the warrant thing. Today, I wanted to go see Navarro, but again, there was a chance this interview would take place, and I didn't hear from the guy until later. Basically, I stayed home all day, and still nothing.
In any event I'm nearing completion on another spec script. I was feeling very confident about my spec pilots, but some recent feedback, accompanied by some phone-tag anti-feedback that's ominous in its lack of existence, has got me wigged out. Wigged! Must start something new. I'm so not confident in everything I do, so when there's something I'm sure I'm good at, and there's a possibility I'm wrong on that front too, well, I wanna throw up.

Speaking of which, I tried to make a chocolate yogurt cake... and it was a disaster. Didn't cook long enough, or I used the wrong pan, I'm not sure. But it was a total disaster.

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-- Woody Allen