Tuesday, June 3, 2008


In reading Chocolate & Zucchini during my non-working work hours, I came across the tartine post, which reminded me of the Croque Monsieur I had at Les Deux Magots in 2003. I do not like ham, and I had had trouble with finding decent sandwiches in Paris. But the Croque Monsieur at Les Deux Magots you could get with poulet--chicken! It was one of the finest sandwiches I've ever had, along with this tuna construction that worked on Saturday and not yesterday.

I wish I had known more about French food prior to going to Paris. I didn't know what Pain Poulaine was, what a tartine was, etc., etc. I had no desire to go back to Paris after that March 2003 trip. Now I think I'd be better equipped, mentally, though I'm sure my grasp of the language is even worse now than it was then.

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