Monday, June 23, 2008

EW new classics

Well, I'm just gonna keep riding EW's backside on this. Granted, their "new classics" are just opinion, but I have quite a few problems I'd like to share.
First: Movies. Edited entirely by men, they decided Moulin Rouge deserves the Number 10 spot? And Jurassic Park, which apparently is despised over there, and Good Will Hunting are nowhere to be found. I stick my tongue out in your general direction, sirs. Also, Shrek is way over-rated.
TV: not bad.
Stage: I totally agree with Kushner's place on top, but Coast of Utopia over Phantom and The Lion King. I hate musicals, but both of those were excellent and light years more entertaining, accessible, and less ridiculous than Stoppard's nearly unwatchable mutilation of Russian history.
Music: Springsteen so far down? For real?
Books: Pretty good, but is Da Vinci Code on there because it's a great book or because it's wildly popular? In general, that's why these lists are confusing. What do they mean, really, by "new classic"? 'Cause I can't see the DVC living on.

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