Friday, June 6, 2008

Indy, giaduja

Yes! Got some Dobrova giaduja at Bay Cities Italian Deli and Market in Santa Monica. I wanted to get more stuff, but it was closing, I was broke, and I wanted to buy a rice paddle at Sur La Table (I'm buying my dream Panasonic rice cooker at the end of the month). I wanted to buy some chocolate-hazelnut spread for a while now (it's this damn Chocolate & Zucchini blog, I'm telling you), but I don't like Nutella. So I'm trying this stuff. Yay!

Saw Indy last night.
All the previews beforehand looked great, particularly Wall-E. Pixar's storytelling AND artistry is always just one step above.
I'm fairly sick of superhero movies, but The Dark Knight (which I'm not sure I can see just yet) and Hancock look pretty excellent.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button looks brilliant, though I'm not sure how they're going to make the boy's birth work (details aren't given in the short story either).

Super-excited about Indy because a small chunk of it was shot at Yale (though it's mostly unrecognizable until the motorcycle scene) and my sister's ex-boyfriend was in it. He's one of the people staring at Indy in the library scene. Hooray, Pat!
(Harrison Ford does not look this good in the movie, by the by)

In any event, the movie's more of a ride than a decent story. A good ride, but there wasn't an original, funny moment in the whole thing. The monkey scene, which is CGIed within an inch of its life, is patently awful. Remember those Spider Man scenes with Spidey flying through the city? Remember how awful they looked? These look worse, and kid ain't even got superpowers, so the fact that he can somehow hurl himself Tarzan-like through the jungle is just unbelievable. That, and the waterfalls' inability to completely kill our characters. Heck, none of them even get scratched. No peril at all. The kid's combing habit? Puh-lease. If you want to see the '50s done right, watch Back to the Future (R.I.P. courthouse). If you want to see jungle vine-flying, watch Tarzan (or just the Phil Collins music video from it will do).
Even Cate Blanchett, who I adore, was cartoonish. 'Cause that's what it was. A bad cartoon.

Speaking of cartoons though, I want to see Kung Fu Panda. Just as soon as not-brokeness sets in.

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