Saturday, June 14, 2008

the Clinton-Obama transition

Dear Clinton supporters,
Like you, I've felt a bit like I was supporting a punching bag. The more rabid Obama supporters didn't want to hear about Clinton's good qualities, about her appealing long campaign for health care reform, that her passion was great even if her speeches didn't compare to Obama's, that, really, there wouldn't be much difference between them, except that she might actually be less inclined to widen the scale of our war and more likely to think about our long-term good than our short-term desire.

Because if you voted for Hillary, you were voting for an end to this type of an administration and helping McCain get into office is cutting off your nose to spite your stupid face. McCain will be more of the same. He makes speeches about the environment to grab moderates, but those "eco-friendly" speeches are frauds and, when compared to what is necessary, laughable. Nothing will change under McCain. Nada.
If you are a Democrat or an Independent who supported Clinton and are now voting for McCain, it can only be for two reasons, both of which make you look like a jackass.
1) You're racist. How do I know? Because you'd rather vote for someone who has completely different values than someone who has similar values, but is black.
2) You're ridiculously vengeful. You'd rather vote for someone who has completely different values than someone who has similar values because that person ran a better campaign and was more likable and you're sore over it. Grow up.

At the end of the day, those are the biggest differences between Clinton and Obama. Clinton said some stupid crap (it happens in campaigns). Obama said less stupid crap, and he sounded better saying it. Be a good loser. Support Obama. Because really, the only way we REALLY LOSE IS IF MCCAIN WINS. He's not a bad man, but he is far too willing to do what the dominant party tells him to. He is not a leader. He simply bows to the interests of the people with the most power. Obama's a rock star. That's dangerous, but he has a good head on his shoulders and he will do more for this country because he knows how to listen, he respects individual rights over those of corporations, and he has excellent logic. I don't mind an elitist as my leader. You want someone better than you running the country, just so long as he's not a stubborn egomaniac. And heck, a stubborn egomaniac who's smarter than me and a Democrat is STILL BETTER than a stubborn egomaniac who's dumber and a Republican.
And the people who are going to decide this election are the Clinton supporters. Go read his site, go back and watch his speeches on Youtube, act rationally. Please don't vote with your inner toddler and, more importantly, don't be a bigot. Or, for real, I'm getting out of Dodge.

Quick notes: I won my first poker tournament tonight (the first I've ever played). $25 profit. Oh, hecks to the yeah.

I saw Richard Engel on The Daily Show, and when Jon Stewart can't get his silly on in an interview, you know it's serious. I have not even skimmed this book, but if it's written with the same candor and gravitas that Engel showed on the show, War Journal is probably the most important, honest and worthwhile book on Iraq out there--and the first one I feel compelled to read by sheer desire for unbiased knowledge of what's really happened out there.

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