Friday, June 13, 2008

The Basics, LA-style: Milk and Gas

I may or may not be lactose-intolerant. I love dairy, but it tends to make me sick, sort of the opposite of Coldplay.
Anyhow, today, good sense be damned, I decided to go to Milk on Beverly Blvd. for lunch. I was in Century City to meet an awesome fellow writer who gave me very good advice about one of my spec pilots.
But Beverly Hills gets me every time and I was all the way to Pico before I realized I turned down Beverly Drive instead of Beverly Boulevard. Too many Beverlys!

Image courtesy of (I'm not making that up).
On my way back up Robertson, however, I found this mysterious BP gas station called Helios House, I guess, which, I think you'll agree, looks like it belongs in Tomorrowland. However, it boasted cheap ($4.52 a gallon, holla!) oxygenated gas, and appears to have been sponsored by Wall-E. There was a big Wall-E replica in the back and Wall-E postcards, which I took. I was a little worried that it was special gasoline and my car couldn't use it, but my car didn't blow up, so yay!
Anyhow, I finally got to Milk, ordered a kid's grilled cheese (hoping not to repeat the same error as in Pasadena), and it was yummy and panini-ish. Because of the tomato crisis, I didn't have to make sure there'd be no tomato--but for some reason I got lettuce on the side. That was weird. Then I walked down to Susina's 'cause I've heard of it, and I wanted to make an informed decision before I bought dessert. I was not enticed, so I went back to Milk and bought a mint-chocolate chip ice cream sandwich.
Now, holy crap, was this a good ice cream sandwich. Weird, yes. The cookies were chewy in a macaron-style, but I was very much a fan. I also bought a "moonpie" for later (oh, my tummy), which turned out to be not as awesome, mostly because when I think moonpie, I think--

But while the Milk moonpie had the necessary squishy mallow middle, the graham was not cakelike, but quite hard and, well, like a cracker. Moonpies are not s'mores, people.
Still, moonpie identity crisis aside, I heartily endorse Milk for those who'd like to have a nice lunch on Beverly. If you can find it.

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