Friday, June 13, 2008

My Boys are back, hey now, hey now, My Boys are back

Ah, My Boys. It's been a long time. When we last left you, PJ was getting on the plane to Italy, sans hot male companion. I, personally, was afraid she was gonna pull a Kelly on 90210 (when the choices are Luke Perry and Jason Priestly, what kind of nutcase would go with "I choose me"??).
Luckily, she did what any cool kid would do--she picked Bobby (Kyle Howard)! And he was actually in first class and, hot, sweet, sugar packet that he is, upgraded PJ's ticket as well.

Aw, but our PJ is such a girl, and cute, scruffy hobbits inhibit her natural candor. Oops, did someone forget to tell Bobby the invite was a romantic one?
Meanwhile, back at Crowley's, the boys are freaking out because a) Bobby isn't returning any of the guys' emails (hey, maybe he's just not that into you!), b) Mike, inexplicably, is doing a really awful McConaughey impression to seduce the waitress. All right, all right, and c) Brendan is moping about the possibility of becoming the next John Tesh.
Back in Italy, PJ's ready to start enjoying Bobby one-on-one when the writers toss yet another hurdle in her way: Steph broke up with her boyfriend! Guess who's third-wheeling it! Bobby's oblivious, PJ's melancholy, and the transition from friends to BF/GF just ain't happening.
Back at Crowley's, stupid Mike slept with the waitress and didn't call her back. The boys are banned from Crowley's, Kenny's still freaking out about Bobby's unexplained absence, and Andy's just happy being rich and soulless. With no place to drink, they chill in Andy's new ride, which is like a bar, but without chicks to seduce and destroy. Also, they can listen to Brendan's Teshiness.
PJ, Steph, and Bobby return home. All is sorted out. PJ apologizes to the waitress for Mike (he just can't behave when PJ's not around), Bobby pops back on the radar, and PJ blushes and mumbles obviously when quizzed about her bringing Bobby to Italy.
Oh, and somewhere in all this, Steph had the time to write a book. I'm guessing it's... a short, non-fiction work of staggering consumerism? No? A relationship book, you say, oh, TV Guide synopsis of coming episodes? Well, smack my ass and call me Candace Bushnell.
And then I missed the last minute because of stupid DVR and weird TBS times!

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