Wednesday, June 25, 2008

top model abroad

One of my shame pleasures is watching Australia's Next Top Model on Youtube. Like other variations of the original, it throws out the fan favorites (Claire on America's Season 10 and Charlotte and Leanne on Britain's Season 4 are about on par with the shocking tossing of Leiden (a ringer for Charlize Theron) and Caris (can't take a bad picture) on this season of Australia's). But what really kills me is that this show, more than any other, drums up drama by saying nasty things to the contestants, encouraging bad behavior (severe bullying ended not in the bullies going home but the much better girl who was being bullied), and keeping around a surgically-altered, completely awful-looking model who tried to make the other girls fat.
Basically, the show is a fraud and the choices are less about finding a great model than the face of whatever brand is sponsoring the show. And that's a shame. Well, at least by watching it on Youtube, I'm not financially supporting its horridness.

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