Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MacGruber (because MacGyver ain't my time) fro ho cho

So I had some chocolate and I wanted to make frozen hot chocolate, a la Serendipity 3. I found the recipe and proceeded to mangle it and thus make the MOST AWESOME FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE IN HISTORY.

First, you need some chocolate. For mine I used 2 oz. of Cadbury Milk and 1 oz. of the wildly expensive Amedei Porcelana (smart combination). Then I melted them in a faux bain-marie because we don't have one (I stuck a pot on top of another pot), made that water simmer, and melted the chocolate. Then I couldn't find measuring spoons, so I GUESSED how much hot chocolate mix and sugar to put in (like there's a wrong amount). I was afraid of burning everything, so I didn't melt the sugar and cocoa mix right, and then I just slopped the milk in (skim, baby) after taking it off the heat. And THEN I realized I didn't have 3 cups of ice, so I hoped 1/2 cup would suffice and made a mess trying to get all this in the blender. But when I did, I blended that sucker like no tomorrow and got, for my trouble, one coffee mug's worth of splendid, cold creamy chocolatey goodness. Almost a whipped chocolate cream.

They better serve something like this in heaven or decomposition, whichever it is we get when we die.
So, yeah, WAY worth it.
Hopefully, next time (i.e., tomorrow) it won't take 20 minutes.

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