Sunday, February 25, 2007

Barbara Walters' Oscar Special

7:24pm TVGuide Live again, briefly. Kirsten Dunst looks weird. Joan Rivers called Catherine Deneuve snotty! Does Joan Rivers have snot anymore? I mean, considering that's not her nose...
7:26pm "Helen Mirren's having a royal time of it this year." Oh, Barbara, that knocked me out. Who could have expected such a pun?
7:28pm Helen looked like Portia de Rossi in Age of Consent.
7:30pm "Hollywood royalty" - hahahaha, zzzzzzzzz.
7:30pm Oh my God, Helen Mirren is psychic, and she doesn't think she's going to win! I think. And she thinks she has a large bottom.
7:31pm I'm wearing shorts right now. What does Helen Mirren exercise in? No, I don't want to know.
7:32pm Nice Russian name! Bad dark fingernails!
7:33pm Barbara Walters looks like she's had alot of work done, and thus she doesn't look that good compared to Helen Mirren, who really works her wrinkles.
7:34pm "Marriage is like turnips." Someone get me a pillow and a needle and thread.
7:35pm The best is not yet to come, and yet, she still cannot wait to see what's to come? I like her candor.

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