Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Pan's Labyrinth Show

9:11pm Ellen apologizes for calling Penelope a Mexican. Damn skippy.
9:12pm Sound effects choir? Que?
9:13pm There's a guy with big black spiky hair in this crazy choir. He can effect sounds in me anytime.
9:14pm "Sound editing is very much like sex. It's usually done alone, at night, and surrounded by high-tech gadgets." Good gag. Let's see who wins Sound!
9:15pm The Dead Man's Chest team crushed peanut shells to make that guy's head sound crackly. And they didn't win? No way!
9:16pm Seriously, I thought they had instituted rules about boring speeches. Yaaawwn!
9:17pm James McAvoy! Hoorah! Sound Mixer nominees announced with a Scots accent! Sweet.
9:19pm Four generations of sound mixers. The Smiths have lost their crown as the First Family of Hollywood! Ha!

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