Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hollywoodland and Perfume

Right, so I watched Hollywoodland the other day. Like many of you, I was on the fence about seeing this movie, and when the reviews were mixed, I decided to keep my 9 or 10 dollars and save it for something worthwhile, like a wicker chair or something. And then when the Oscars came around, all the critics who have too much time on their hands made lists of actors who got "snubbed." I like that word. Anyhow, I gave in and rented the movie, cringing at the thought of 2 hours of Adrien Brody, who is not my favorite actor, peppered with Ben Affleck doing a good impression of George Reeves.

But you know what? The movie is good. Really good. Not great. Not pure boilerpot genius, but a totally solid film. And Adrien Brody almost won me over (I guess I should get The Pianist at some point). The critics were right. Ben Affleck did a really great job, and all the jokes about him knowing exactly how George Reeves felt don't really add up to enough for him to be able to play someone, who let's face it, reached for the stars and fell in kiddie television, without actually having to act. Ben Affleck never had it that bad. I mean, the boy has an Oscar. Could George Reeves have played George Reeves that poignantly? One wonders...

Anyhow, the movie is quite fine, certainly better than Babel. Yeah, the fact that they can't actually wrap up the film with any kind of definite conclusion about what happened to "The Man of Steel" is annoying, but Coulter deals with the problem the best way he could. You should see it.

I'm reading Patrick Suskind's book, Perfume, as well on the recommendation of Michal Towber. Talk about an enviable career. I still love and am sailing through Moby Dick, but I'm taking my time with it. Like a cruise.

I've reached page 110 of my far inferior book! Hoorah!
OK, now my belated breakfast...


Little Miss Nomad said...

I meant Suskind's career is enviable, not Michal's, though hers would be enviable if I were a singer. Sigh. Grammar!

NickAntosca said...

Are you friends with Michal? I still have one of her songs on my iTunes from a demo or something my ex girlfriend gave me. It's good. I think it's called "Perfect."

Little Miss Nomad said...

Yeah, I just saw her in New York before I came down to Florida. She's half-dropped out of law school and working for ABC in a sound department capacity, and she has a new band, witchsomething or other. She's a great singer. I have a video of her jamming in London lying around somewhere... I miss London.

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