Sunday, February 25, 2007

O-scarred. is back.

You realize Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar and Peter O'Toole still doesn't. Um. Well, this probably means her career over. JHud, welcome to the curse.

10:40pm Wait, what 90210 star is going to be on Dancing With the Stars??
10:42 pm If I were ten inches shorter, I would marry Gael Garcia Bernal.
10:43pm If I were a man, I'd marry Eva Green. Really, these two should just marry each other. They're both perfect.
Did you just see "Well, do ya, punk?" float across the bottom of the screen? So inappropriate.
10:44pm "In case you were wondering where he's been, here he is. Jerry Seinfeld." Presenting for documentaries. And now, ok.
10:45 pm Same line of jokes as Ellen Degeneres in the beginning.
10:47pm Al Gore, Al Gore, Al Gore. We want the slide show to win! It's not half as depressing as Jesus Camp, I'm sure.
10:49 Melissa E looks like she's going to come out of her skin. AL GORE FOR RULER OF THE WORLD!
10:50 OK, I'm settled down now.
10:54 I'm going to name my first daughter Malena. Maybe.

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