Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great Scot (and Improving Englishmen)

Craig Ferguson did a really fabulous monologue on President's Day. Can someone give this man something shiny? Please?

Also, Wimbledon has finally equalized the purses for the men and women's tournaments. Back in the day (the day being 2002), I wrote a reporter's notebook piece for the YDN( weighing the pros and cons of paying women the same amount as men. And, believe it or not, I supported lower pay for women. Why? Because women don't have to play as many games of tennis (in any given match) as men do to win the prize money. It was an equal pay for equal work argument, and while the practicality of it disagreed with every feminist bone in my body, I went with it anyway. I don't recall getting much hatemail for this piece (and I was inundated with hatemail when I worked for the YDN; journalism is an insufferable business), and if ever I deserved it, it was then, for being a pompous enough ass to play devil's advocate. Just because my argument was rational doesn't mean it was right.

I think it's fair to say that most of what I wrote for the YDN was bollocks. Anyhow, that's college for you.

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